” This is what Destiny 2 needs, customizable knives for Hunters. Also something for Titans and Warlocks ” I vote brass knuckles or gauntlet.

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Give stun swords an orange / amber glow?

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I want this I want all of it especially that Kool ass sword by love__of__death

Sword of Azkum concept

I had a fighter that was "gifted" a rune sword by the DM. It had a curse: if I rolled a 1 the sword would absorb my soul. Course I didn't know that until I rolled a 1. My party saved me, forgot to lose the sword, later fought some monsters, and rolled a 1 again. Our Warpriest sacrificed his life to save me -- I still suffer guilt.

Please sho.

Life's Blade **** *** *** The Hand of Taurna. A divine blade passed from one Arch-Paladin to the next for several hundred years. Never actually used in combat, the true abilities of it's gleaming edge remain unknown amidst hundreds of legends.

Cool weapons

Cool weapons

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Fantasy magical axe

Fantasy magical axe

Nice fantasy blade

By Artist Unknown.



Love this blade

Real Work At Home

Love this blade

Red Leaves: YouTube by rossdraws

scifiarchitect: “Ross Tran Making sound effects since 1992 – Share via Artstation iOS App, Artstation © 2017 ”

Silvermoon Blade by NJPoulin.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Silvermoon Blade by NJPoulin

The Ultraviolet movie sword!

Kult Of Athena - Swords - - Ultraviolet Sword - This unlicensed replica from the movie