Lotta Nieminen / Designer / NYC

Branding, art direction and website design for Paintbox, a modern manicure studio in New York by Lotta Nieminen

Janine Rewell / Graphic Designer / Helsinki, Finland

Body paint and Scandinavian illustration meets fashion in this exciting collaboration between shoe designer Minna Parikka and Helsinki-based illustrator Janine Rewell. Rewell’s iconic geometric patterns were meticulously hand-painted onto l

“Modern Tragedies”, an illustration series by Siobhán Gallagher

“Modern Tragedies”, an illustration series by Siobhán Gallagher

Veronica Corzo-Duchardt / Graphic Designer / Chicago, IL

School of the Art Institute of Chicago MFA Writing Book Cover / Detail / by Winterbureau

Ayaka Ito / Designer and Illustrator / New York

Graphic Design & Art Direction by Ayaka Ito ((I don't understand the alphabet at the bottom, but hey thats just me I guess -lg))

Book art by designer Natalie Shields | Badass Lady Creatives

A collaged spread in an artist book by Natalie Shields

Jillian Adel / Art Director, Designer, Letterer / LA

The Glass Menagerie on Broadway by Jillian Adel & Jamaal Parham for AKA NYC

Anna Niess / Designer / NYC

Keeping it fun: product designer Anna Niess

Simone Noronha / Graphic Designer, Illustrator / Brooklyn, NY

Illustrations by Simone Noronha