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I don't even know when it hit me...

Hunger Games Sherlock

Sherlock. How does your face, sir.

Carry on my wayward son (Green day .. Yeah that fits it)

  • Rose Ty
    Rose Ty

    This post was just about to get hijacked by the SuperNatural Fandom

ITS NOT DR WHO FOR ANYONE WHO CARES! It's Doctor Who. My dad made that mistake an I called him out on it

  • Faye Wilbur
    Faye Wilbur

    Or they're German, but that's only I'd the capitalize ALL the nouns in their writing because in Germany they actually do that, also c doesn't exist because it's pointless

Aren't ordinary people adorable? Jim moriarty Sherlock

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It's true. We try to keep ourselves occupied so we have something to stave off the nervousness.

  • Julia Hill
    Julia Hill

    I do this and I didn't know this before.

  • Gracie Mathis
    Gracie Mathis

    I always tap my foot because I am in band and I suffer greatly from anxiety. My mom always gets mad at me and yells for me to stop. Now I am going to show her this.

  • Samantha Morrighan
    Samantha Morrighan

    This is a completely accurate observation


  • Charis Frankovich
    Charis Frankovich


It's time for the 6th Annual Shorty Awards and we are again calling upon the people who really matter, you; the Sherlock fans. Last year we prove to the world yet again that the fans of this series are the most dedicated of fandoms out there by winning the Shorty Award for Fansite for a second year running. Can we make our very own Sign of Three and do it again for a third?

Sherlockology needs your vote in the Shorty Awards

...Well then.

  • Eve Rogers
    Eve Rogers


  • Eve Rogers
    Eve Rogers

    Yeah, but there was lots of blood and it went into his head. Although the paper says suicide of fake detective (I think ), but it would say murder of moriarty (or somethong like that) as well. So that means that they never found moriartys body!!! Hmmmm

  • Jessica Cozad
    Jessica Cozad

    Well, that's true. *fingers crossed*

  • Carmen Sandiego
    Carmen Sandiego

    Did you see the bullet go through his head? I didn't. #didyoumissme?

  • Kimberly Sanburg
    Kimberly Sanburg

    I'd love it if he has an evil twin...or an extra-evil twin, as the case may be...

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insane sherlock fandom - Google Search


  • Somebody Actually
    Somebody Actually

    Dont mess with people and their fandoms

  • Bianey Ricardo
    Bianey Ricardo

    Well sorrryyy

  • Sierra Weeks
    Sierra Weeks

    It's a phone. Phones have cases, not coats. I was making a joke.

  • Bianey Ricardo
    Bianey Ricardo

    ^its coat, not case.

  • Sierra Weeks
    Sierra Weeks

    "I thought you'd be taller" "I take the precaution of a good case and a short friend"

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  • Eve Rogers
    Eve Rogers


  • Eve Rogers
    Eve Rogers

    That works because tea is Japanese

The Sherlock fandom have a much better Madonna ;P

  • Lexi Pigott
    Lexi Pigott

    And then sherlock loses it xD

  • Madi Martz
    Madi Martz

    ^^^ "am I a pretty lady?"

  • elaine tjoa
    elaine tjoa

    John is Sherlock's Madonna hahahah

The Sign of Three

  • Sarah Who
    Sarah Who


  • Sabrina Chettri
    Sabrina Chettri


....I'll never need another card again.

  • gagas pradani
    gagas pradani

    It's brilliant!

  • Heather

    You forgot "sex holiday"

And the Sherlockians shall inherit the earth.

Here we have the Sherlock fandom. This is the most frequent position we see the Sherlockian in, but they do occasionally stick up their heads to yell things like "DiD You MISS ME?" or "Moriarty lives!" The Sherlock fandom's main sound is the tears of angst, and while they look quiet, they are always watching. Sherlockians are not usually violent unless you mention "The Fall" or "Dis their OTP" or even mention "HLV." Either way Sherlockain are always on hiatus, so leave them be.

  • Madi Martz
    Madi Martz

    I flipping smirked too! I'm telling you sherlock messed up my brain. I even started studying deduction......

  • Katharine Larner
    Katharine Larner

    You know whats creepy I looked at this pictured and smirked. I smirked and thought"MUUUUURDEERRRRRRR"

  • Sadie Abernathy
    Sadie Abernathy


  • Kendra Baum
    Kendra Baum

    SPN + Sherlock = Pain

  • Katie Medlin
    Katie Medlin

    SPN + Sherlock = Perfection

Sound off!! Repin for Sherlock BBC, Like for Elementary :)

  • Kiera Awesome
    Kiera Awesome

    I love all my fandoms equally and I hate it when people dis out Elementary it's like dishing out one of my babys

  • Omigosh! Someone Actually
    Omigosh! Someone Actually


  • Emma Strassberg
    Emma Strassberg


  • Jonathan


  • Madi Martz
    Madi Martz

    Sherlock 5000000%. Can't get any better.

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BUT, he's also letting people in and showing more depth/emotion. Remember the Mycroft/hat scene and his best man speech?

sherlock 3/3 are you ready?

I wish I knew more people in the fandom in real life.. I miss you guys when I get off the Internet!

  • Madi Martz
    Madi Martz

    I met one of my best friends when I was talking to my friend and whisper shouted "sherlock forevasssss" and she overheard me.

  • Ella Jo
    Ella Jo

    Actually this is funny. One of my best friends and I love Supernatural so we can bond over that.

  • Marika Barth
    Marika Barth

    My family actually found another trekker friend when we were in the grocery store My dad asked if we wanted to purchase any 'Neelix root' (our name for any weird looking vegetable). Another guy in the store laughed at the name, after taking a minute to process how weird it was that somebody else understood the joke, we introduced ourselves. I went to Destination: Star Trek with him just a few weeks ago.

  • Tris Everdeen
    Tris Everdeen

    Yeah.. The Netherlands is kind of a hole, bc almost no english/american series is broadcast here. We've got OUAT, but we're half a season behind, and I believe our tv has BBC somewhere, but I don't excactly know where. But thanks to OUAT I found some fangirls in my class :)

  • Katie Medlin
    Katie Medlin

    OMG this is so true!!! Gahhhh why can't more people be in fandoms?!?!?!

True story bro...

Best representation I've ever seen

  • Madi Martz
    Madi Martz


  • Nadia Hubbard
    Nadia Hubbard

    This is great!