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Just Sayin'

Just Sayin'

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so so true.

The most confused we ever get…


I Just Do My Thing


Preach it Isaac

School of Fail - science - science

You're doing it wrong, asshole.

Atheist Meme Base

Yeah....I think I'll stick with the monkey theory

George Carlin

-George Carlin. Thank you George, miss you and your wonderful wisdom!

the dragon that guards the door - bertrand russell

George Carlin

Pictures | Unfollowing Jesus - Part 53


Nice thought. Religious leaders are just human beings, with no authority over me.

Better think about that

george carlin

We live in a world so rich in resources this should not be happening. But it does, and we ignore it.

It takes balls to get into heaven. WTF?

Doesn't sound like the"loving" god I learned about as a kid. Funny how the little things get left out.

LOL Image - Funny Pics, Funny Memes and Epic Fails

What kind of rape was it? Handy reference chart courtesy of the Republican Party.

Women (and all people) can support any religion they want. Just don't inflict your beliefs on others. And certainly don't allow politicians to inflict those beliefs on a secular society. America's founders believed in the separation of church state. No Christian version of Sharia law in the U.S.!

'If the picture on the left shocks you more than the picture on the right, you need to revise your views on immorality'

The problem with (some) christians is.

The problem with some christians is

things that make you go, hhhmmmm

Religion.... Brilliant