Yes!!! 6 years ago today we decided to give this one more try!! And I couldn't be happier!! I love you Christopher Matthew!! Still going strong! ... First loves and last loves!

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Good morning love... This is so true.. I dream of you almost every night and this wait has me longing for you more and more each day!! I'll be so happy when we can finally go to bed together and wake up each morning in each others arms!! I love you and

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I'm in love with my best friend…and he was in love with me too…but now things are just so broken with us.….but I'm still in love with him even though he broke my heart…I love him…always have and always will…he was a great 1st boyfriend for me … even though he doesn't think so…I will always love him more than a friend

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I say this to Michal Riley all the time! Always love her response of "That's not possible!" Hope that she is able to still say that in a few years!

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