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I want to make a shirt like this, but I need to know what the front says first, and I can't read it because FREAKING RAPMON WON'T SIT STILL *edit* It says Only Children _Every Damn Day

There are 11 tips to buy this t-shirt: button up shirt quote on it kpop shirt jacket white black korean fashion korean fashion rapmonster perfect limited editions limited blouse.


Music has no language barrier. It is something that moves us deep inside, with every note, every instrument, every octave. It sleeps inside us and one day we will show our song which we will sing wholeheartedly, saying: WE ARE ALL ONE ♡

Taemin your so mean!!!! Taking pics of my Jonghyun while he is upset!!!!!! Minho will protect you Jjong!!!!

Minho is like the father of SHINee, always taking care of Jonghyun when he cries. And then there's Taemin lmao.