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Mystic-a brown mare~She is strong and kind~Is very pretty and is quiet~young and beautiful~Brave~can be Serious~Has a small crush on the lead stallion.

Beautiful Chestnut horse with white socks and a long blonde mane standing under an autumn tree with leaves falling. Mystic is her name. Such a pretty horse.

Kenneth Keifer - -

Mooresville, Indiana - Snowy Train Trestle - An iron train trestle and railroad tracks are covered with snow in wooded, wintry scene.

Buckskin Tobiano

(Love this buckskin paint) * * HORSE" " I am quite impressive if I do say so myself!

i can see my horse doing this to me

By Stacy Lynne. OMG, LOVE it! Embarrassing dressage horse munching on the flowers. LOL this would so be my horse