More DIY Mason Jar Lighting Ideas!

More DIY Mason Jar Lighting Ideas

More DIY Mason Jar Lighting Ideas and Tutorials! This is such a cute idea to have these mason jars lighting in my house.

More DIY Mason Jar Lighting Ideas and Tutorials!

More DIY Mason Jar Lighting Ideas

Use wall hooks to hang mason jars and create soft candle light on your outdoor porch. - Super cute idea for any of the blank wall space in the living room or dinning room. May stick out to far if huge up the stair way to get up stairs.

DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas (I like this particular idea for college students and the like)

What a perfect gift for any sewing lover. Cute and compact mason jar sewing kit with a pin cushion lid.

Cute idea for mason jars

Service for six

utensil storage: Wire basket and mason jars. Spray paint basket any color. and then use mason jars to put silverware or office supplies. Great for outside parties!

Love Mason jars...                                                            multiple ideas for repurposing bottles and jars

Love this idea! You poke a hole in the mason jars lid and put your old pump from one of your hand soap dispensers inside. Now you got a cute hand soap dispenser from a mason jar:)

Craft Room Storage | Mason Jar Crafts Love

Craft Room Storage

If you have made getting organized a goal for this year, why not do it in style? Poofy Cheeks shared a great DIY mason jar storage shelf to get you on your way.

Rainbow Loom Organization - Mason Jar Crafts Love

Rainbow Loom Organization

Rainbow Loom rubber bands all over your floor? Check out these cool tips on how to store and organize Rainbow Loom bands.

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