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Your sole mate isn't always the guy you fall in love with. It can be the friend that's always there.

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“‘Good For You’ is actually one of the first songs that I recorded for the record and I think it just sets the tone perfect for the record just because it’s sexy, but not trying to hard. The track and everything kind of does it itself. It’s sensual, it re

Besties don't keep anything from one another #BFF

The funny best friend quotes with images is our amazing collection of cutest friendship quotes to express your best memories with your dearest friend.

BILLBOARD - Selena Gomez

“If I did half the things guys did, I wouldn’t have a Pantene deal,” says Gomez. “There’s a certain standard women are held to because…I don’t know. So many women nowadays are so loud.

Are You More Taylor Swift Or Selena Gomez>>>You got: Selena Gomez You’re as cute as a button and have the sweetest nature. Everyone loves you for your sunshiney personality and rose tinted view on life!