dolphins <3

Dolphins are marine mammals closely related to whales and porpoises. There are almost forty species of dolphin in 17 genera. This Is The Sweetest Picture!

Awww so cute

Usually rodents aren't my thing, but this is a Mouse with a tiny teddy bear! The mouse even sleeps curled up with a tiny teddy bear at night!

love rats cute rats

baby dumbo rat I'm not a huge fan of rodents but this is so cute, gotta love him!

Happy Dolphin

The CICI Water Park where you swim with dolphins is the setting for several pivotal scenes between Emilia and Pedro Montealegre in the Emilia Cruz mystery series set in Acapulco. Photo by Andrey Sheremet (aloist)


"Hi, Sweet Pea! Inquisitive and intelligent creatures, rats can make wonderful, affectionate pets. These highly social rodents should be handled and given playtime each day to prevent boredom and encourage their curious nature.

so many people say what about their tales aren't they gross  and i say nope i like their tales they actually help them balance

Rats need Snuggles Too!

Rats need Snuggles Too! it wont let me pin the second pic instead.

awww so cute

Ellen van Deelen and Jessica Florence are two photographers who might be called heroes by the whole world of rodents. They looked beyond these rat’s label as pest and saw the cuteness hiding behind those wittle whiskers.


Just a Dolphin Playing With Bubbles! [ "Cute dolphin playing with bubbles.", "So cute, Dolphin trying to catch bubbles.I love dolphin s to", "Happy dol

Rat nap <3

I'm loving the fact that I've changed a few peoples opinions about rats with my photos of Bug. Rats are such lovely animals, they're so misunderstood. I have had three rats all in all, and each one has been totally different. Bug thinks she's human

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