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Its not really all about the sex, she worry about finances so last night I handed over my complete business report and our private financial status to her. She sighed a said -Thank you my Master, do what thou wilt -T Hillgren

Mesmerized and Lost in each other's gaze. Captive yet Willing, Ensnared in Your Web yet Comfortably at Home, Entranced yet Fully Aware of You. This gaze will never end.

Devils Day Out

Idenna has teamed up with Body Factory to make a documentary about body painting in the UK- This is a test video

Carbonara with Saffron

Carbonara with Saffron-This is the meal John requests every birthday and at least once a month in between. The saffron stock version is the latest and, I think, the last. He's so hooked on it he won't let it be messed with any further.