Feature clickable glitter gel colored scented pens.

Each glitter gel smen comes inside its own recyclable plastic freshness tube.

Offer our lead-free No. 2 scented pencils in a variety of scents.

Smencils Scented Pencil School Fundraisers are one of our Easy Fundraising Ideas.

Show clickable metallic gel colored gourmet scented pens.

Colored metallic gel ink smen scents are emitted through a unique vent design.

Sell clickable black ink scented pens in 5 unique aromas.

Offer 5 amazing aromas, like mocha & blueberry. Made with reused newspaper & plastic.

It's definitely wise to recycle with Smart Smencils!

Gourmet Scented Peppermint Smencils made from recycled newspapers. Peppermint has been shown to help improve mental agility and concentration, which makes them the perfect pencil fro testing.