teen boy fashion

made for a teen can be remade for a boy. fashion at its tiniest and cutest.

to many guys are dressing that way. this is way more attractive. :) LOL

Steve style inspo - while Steve's tattoos might give him more of a punk vibe, overall his look screams hipster, from his big framed glasses too his constantly too-tight pants to his slouchy shirts to his knit beanie

My hub isn't a a model but I wish I could get him out of T shirt and jeans oh and if you follow me you know he is a fisherman so to see him in this bahaaaa!!!!

Love the plaid shirt with SOLID color tie and cardigan and rolled up sleeves. I'm getting my first day of school look

Mafioso .. With the Hat

The hat reminds me of the hats Pop always wore.LOVE those hats! The shoes remind me of Dad. I loved to watch him shine his shoes. I still have his shoeshine box with the brushes and wax in it.