Cotton Candy Costume - the cutest!!

Cotton Candy Costume

Crazy Cat Lady Costume - Halloween Costume Contest via @Merry China China Falk Works

Crazy Cat Lady Costume

Crazy Cat Lady - 2012 Halloween Costume Contest - this will be my future child . whether she likes it or not. Maddy will be the cat lady, for sure!

officially going to beg lauren to be a unicorn for Halloween! NO SEW - DIY - AND REUSE THE HOODIE!

Scrappy Unicorn Costume

Rainbow Dash costume for the girly? Dragonfly Designs: Scrappy Unicorn Costume (Maybe Melanie could be Rainbow Horse for Halloween--no horn, and rainbow colored felt instead of "unicorn" colors.

Community Post: 22 Best Iconic TV Costumes For Halloween

22 Best Iconic TV Costumes For Halloween

Kermit the Frog & Miss Piggy costumes. It's official: if we have a girl, I'm making her & Adam these costumes girl Baby kid boy kid

Homemade Classic Werewolf Costume for my son Jeff who had to endure my werewolf costume when he was younger!

Coolest Homemade Classic Werewolf Costume

great idea for ears Homemade Classic Werewolf Costume: This Homemade Classic Warewolf Costume was made for my 2 yr old son Dillon, it was a last minute idea which seemed to work perfect for my lil'guy.

This homemade costume for babies entered our 2013 Halloween Costume Contest.

Baby Grandma Costume

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