Or if you are a CNA

You're a mom .or a nurse. or most likely a nurse/mom. poop can always be worked into a discussion

So True

Nursing: If you don't have a sense of humor, you will never survive in this line of work. That goes for teachers too!


Free and Funny Nurses Week Ecard: I solomnly swear to clean up the most disgusting fluids that come from your body. You're welcome.

CNA problems. Story of my life at 5:30 every morning

Story of my life at every morning I have a resident I can get up by myself when neither of the other two can they do her together . They're black and I think she's racist not funny but funny at the same time.

Oh you have no idea

My job is dangerous, dirty, physically demanding. I love it. Gotta love being a vet nurse! We r vet techs.


Becoming a CNA or verified nurse assistant my senior year of high school is one of my biggest accomplishments. I took a chance and ended up being really good at caring and helping others.

I am an RN, let me get an overworked and underpaid CNA to empty your bedpan.

There are times when we can do that stuff faster than finding someone. However, CNAS cannot do OUR work for us if we get behind. If you hate having to do your job, go back to school and become a nurse.