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We are a project based homeschooling family. This board is about self directed, project based, and other approaches, data, and resources for homeschool.

Home School

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LEGO.com Homeschool

To learn more this boy leaves the classroom to strike out on his own path.

A response to those I offend in my choice to homeschool.

Jot It Down! Bundle Brave Writer

Private school vs. public school: Only bad people send their kids to private school.

Wild + Free

4 Myths of Homeschooling - WAHM.com

When They Ask If Your Kids Will Miss Out

Teach Your Monster to Read: First Steps - iPad Trailer

The Write Every Day Myth, by Julie Bogart BraveWriter Curriculum


Two lessons learned in our first year of homeschool.

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Constructivism as a Paradigm for Teaching and Learning

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Life of Fred Apples teaches beginning addition

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