Sweet mom and baby kitten. The kitten is so young that its ears aren't even standing up yet.

"His tongue is, by turns, a sponge, a comb, a brush. He cleans himself, he smooths himself, he knows what is proper." --Hippolyte Taine

Little Calico - 25th June 2014

Little cute bengal baby kitten, click the pic for more cuteness

That belly and tail though. Perfect :) Top 5 Most expensive Cat Breeds, Click the pic for complete list :)

I absolutely love completely black cats they're so adorable. I don't see how anyone could hate them or be mean to them because of a superstition

violapunk: “ageeksaga: “ It is literally a cat, in a hat. But even better than that, it’s an adorable black kitten in a tiny top hat. ” It’s literally a hat photoshopped onto the cat.