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Icons - St. Catherine

Icons - St. Catherine

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Part of Butler-Bowden cope V&A Renaissance rooms

Daily Violets: Bernardo Daddi and St. Catherine

Daily Violets: Bernardo Daddi and St. Catherine

St.Catherine of Alexandria c. 14th century by Andrea di Bonaiuto

Catherine of Alexandria and St. Augustine, 16th century Milanese altarpiece.

Perugia Altarpiece. Fra Angelico.

Andrea Solario, St. Catherine.

St. Catherine - Andrea Solario -

Sainte Catherine d'Alexandrie (confusion fréquente de sainte Marguerite avec saint Catherine) c.1400. France. Bib. de Toulouse.mg0012 by tony harrison, via Flickr

Saint Catherine by The Master of St Lucy Legend

St Catherine with her Catherine wheel, fifteenth-century Masters of the Delft Grisailles book of hours. (Walters Museum)

Bibliothèque nationale de France, Département des manuscrits, Latin 1156B, detail of f. 175r (St Catherine and a gruesome version of her wheel). Book of Hours, use of Rome (15th century)

Saint Catherine of Alexandra: 16th Century icon of St. Catherine (from the iconostasis of the Katholikon)

Le maréchal de Boucicaut en prière devant sainte Catherine, Heures du maréchal de Boucicaut. Les premières vues en perspective à l'intérieur des bâtiments se trouvent dans l'œuvre du Maître de Boucicaut, à Paris, entre 1405 et 1420. C'est lui et les frères de Limbourg qui introduisent la feuille d'acanthe comme motif décoratif principal dans l'enluminure française.

early 15th century (ca.1409) France New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Cloisters Belles Heures of Jean de France, Duc de Berry - illuminated by brothers (Herman, Paul and Jean) Limbourg fol. 18r - execution of St Catherine of Alexandria blog.metmuseum.or...

Catherine, Margaret... and a dragon.

St Catherine of Alexandria -Konrad Witz -

St Catherine of Alexandria

St.Catherine of Alexandria by Niccolo di Segna

A Crowned Virgin Martyr (St. Catherine of Alexandria), circa 1340 by Maulleigh, via Flickr

St Catherine of Alexandria Object: Relief Place of origin: Utrecht, Netherlands (made) Date: ca. 1480 (made) Artist/Maker: Unknown (production) Materials and Techniques: Painted terracotta in low relief, casted from a mould - V & A

St Catherine of Alexandria (Relief) | V&A Search the Collections

St. Catherine of Alexandria, in the Waldburg-Gebetbuch, 1486

Illuminated manuscript, Prayer book of Bishop Leonhard von Laymingen of Passau, Martyrdom of St. Catherine of Alexandria, Walters Manuscript W.163, fol. 138r by Walters Art Museum Illuminated Manuscripts, via Flickr

Book of Hours, Italy (first quarter of the 16th century). St Catherine of Alexandria and her wheel

Illuminated initial 'R' depicting St. Catherine of Alexandria, Lombardy School Creator:Belbello da Pavia (active from ca. 1430, died after 1473)

Vittore Carpaccio: St. Catherine of Alexandria c. 1500, Tempera on panel.

Michelino da Besozzo: The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine, St. John the Baptist, St. Anthony Abbot. Circa 1420, Tempera on wood.