Hm, well that was easy...

Whoever thinks this is going to help them pass *anything* is an idiot. So is the person who made this "life hack" up. [was: So gonna help me pass physics. No need to memorize the formula anymore. Thank God -___- 1000 Life Hacks]

Une liste de site Web éducationnels

The Ultimate List of Educational Websites

have this problem all the time and end up repeating myself like 10 times

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When delivering a speech, print it and chage the text color every four lines, It will make it 10 times easier to keep your place when reading it.


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Well thats good...cause I prefer blue ink anyway

you are most likely to remember something you've written in blue ink than something you've written in black ink.perhaps that explains my random loyalty to light blue ink and Blue Bic Pen notes in school.

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Like the blog? Get the book: (1000 Life Hacks)

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Genius Teacher Hack (Mskcpotter)

1000 Life Hacks Instant ruler (you can check it against a page of letter paper which is x -- adjust your monitor size to get the ruler correct and then add to your favorites)