Brightpowder .
More ideas from Brightpowder | Antige-V Hardtop | ...which is totally not just one piece added on top.

Today is a classic (lego-ized) car day. even though one of the pair does not come from the past Building a hovercar is not that easy as it might seem. Classic from space - Antige V

Sigma Shipyards Mod Starbridge Class C by ѕроок

Gallery Reference 2 So, a long long time ago, I attempted to build this ship for the first time. It's one of my favorite ships from EV Nova, so I wanted to try to do it justice.

Imperial Fists Primaris Space Marine Hellblaster

Straight from the Dark Imperium box a Primaris Hellblaster to support my other Space Marines. Now only the rest of the squad needs to be completed.