Psych Gold: An Important Visitor


All of the names of Gus bequeathed on him by his best friend Shawn in the hit TV show psych. My favorite was MC clap your hands


Gus: I was the one who took the hottest girl in the school to prom. Shawn: Because I told her you were dying. ---I love psych


U are always telling me I just like the sound of my own voice. And yes I do. So I will not apologize✌️ Wilkins

Oh Gus. Ha ha one of my favorite Psych quotes ever!

Gus is a sympathetic crier. I am a sympathetic feeler, I guess. I get feels for all the feelings in TV shows. Mainly Psych.


Pretty much my most favorite TV show on Earth right now. I love mystery and clever comedy. Excellent character development and. I am just silly and it makes me happy to watch Psych.


Keeping Secrets from Your Best Friend Rock But saying you're best friends and being best friends are two different things. It's Hard to know that, when you're surrounded by users you can't see the real thing


Psych I've Heard It Both Ways | Unisex T-Shirt

I've heard it both ways, the right way and then yours, i've heard it both ways, lets not open any sores!

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