Bills Tattoos

Buffalo Bills fans send us pictures of their tattoos.

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Bills Tattoos

Bills Tattoos

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Ryan Callahan on Twitter

Juan Pablo Vidal on Twitter

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Meg Roswick on Twitter

John shared this praying tattoo on Facebook.

David from Facebook sent us this Infredible Hulk tattoo.

Fred from Twitter sent this in.

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The one that started the conversation. Ralph Wilson, Jr.

Alec sent this on Twitter. One of my favorites.

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Scarlett sent this on Facebook.

Rosco shared this on Facebook.

Buffalo Bills Fan Gets O.J. Simpsons Face Tattooed Dangerously Close To His Penis

Cindi's leg from Facebook.

Allan sent this to us on Facebook.

Jonathan's tattoo from Twitter started this avalanche of sharing.

Twitter / BuffRumblings: .@JDeLux tweeted this out. ...

These two photos came from Celeste on Twitter.

Twitter / BuffRumblings: We're got more #Bills ink to ...

Ryan sent this to us on Facebook.

Twitter / BuffRumblings: More #Bills tattoos. This one ...

Jim sent this hybrid Bills/Sabres tattoo to us on Twitter.

Twitter / BuffRumblings: This Bills/Sabres hybrid tattoo ...

Eric sent this on Twitter.

Twitter / BuffRumblings: Another Bills/Sabres tattoo ...

Mr. KFranz on Twitter

Twitter / BuffRumblings: This Sabres/Bills hybrid tattoo ...

Adam's calves from Twitter.

Twitter / BuffRumblings: Keep sending in your #Bills ...

Ryan from Facebook.

Jessica on Twitter.

Twitter / earlsinthetrunk: @BuffRumblings