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Patriotic puppy #patriotic #dogs #puppies #pets #animals

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trail of puppies♥so cute

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The 100 Happiest Dog Pictures Of All Time



mini-Schnauzer puppy.. precious ♥ he looks so much like Jackson as a puppy!!! OBSESSED.

Thingos: Let's see how the dogs are cute

That's what I call doggone tired!

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#17 - Liffey G. - Talent: Sleeping on the bed like a human, with her head on the pillow Vote for Liffey G. here:

Wheatens in Need Rescue - Wheatens On Parade

Maddie will end up with more than pillow creases when she wakes up! Ha! Sweet girl :)


Does your dream of having your dog sleep on your bed meet with reality?

Bed dog or bed hog: the realities of sleeping with dogs

Sleeping Comfortably With Animals Is Impossible Because They Are Greedy Little Bed Hogs

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Life with dogs

Pintest Favourite images: Selected Images of rich ppl lives

11 sleeping pets who will remind you that it's naptime

11 Pets Who Are Seriously Acing Naptime

Teacup Maltese.

bunk bed nooks.

There's No Place Like Home: Logan

There's No Place Like Home: Logan

Je veux une pâtisserie Paul maintenant!

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25 Reasons Why One Dog Is NOT Enough

Lab baby

Sierra puppies 21 by ManicMechE on deviantART

Little baby Beagle kissing her mother.

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deformed pitbull puppy rescued from trash is walking. get your kleenex.

Deformed puppy, rescued from trash, learns to walk

Samoyed Puppy..

Samoyed Puppy -


Community Post: You Wish Your Bar Mitzvah Was This Fabulous

5 of the World's Most Expensive Dog Breeds

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little dog