Life Cycle of a Chicken

This science project and cycle diagram allows students to see the life cycle of a chicken. This shows them the relationship of eggs to chickens and how the cycle is always rotating, life science.

Great informational video to teach children about farms and the many uses of farm animals!

Great informational video to teach children about farm and farm products, how we buy farm products from grocery store!

Who Lives on the Farm? (An Interactive Build-A-Word Book for K-1 Readers) #farmanimals #wordwork $

Who Lives on a Farm? (An Interactive Build-A-Word Book for K-1)

This student book fits in with lessons about the farm and/or farm animals. The reading level is perfect for students. Each page includes beginning

TONS of ideas/resources for farm unit

Many ideas, including a book list, songs, poems, links. Some are for older kids but could be adapted down to preschool age.

Cute & Easy Cow Craft

My students made these cute cows after reading "Prancing Dancing Lily!" We just made the ears and spots brown to look like Lily the Cow in the book! The kids enjoyed it! plate cow craft for kids cute

Sheep craft

Cotton ball sheep craft for kids. Kids will have fun making this sheep out of cotton balls. The end result of this sheep craft is a cute and fluffy farm animal. Find lots of kids farm animal crafts at All Kids Network.

More ideas