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Japanese School Uniform

Japanese School Uniform

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Hey~ this is the elderest, Ran. Isn’t she pretty!? She’s sometimes like our mom, and we have a quarrel many times…well, all the time :P But I know we care for each other for sure :)

Hey people! How you guys doin’? In Japan, it’s getting colder outside and even harder to get out from bed ;P I really do wanna be in hibernation if I could… Well, unfortunately, we, human beings aren’t a hibernant, maybe I should move on now. So I’m gonna introduce you a new girl wearing Japanese school uniform. She’s Hikari. Because she wants to be a musician, she really cares about her fashion.

Japanese School Uniform Project

Hey guys! What’s up? Guess what! This week, you gonna be able to meet another girl! Her name is Yuka, she doesn’t belong to any club, but loves to watch movies. She said her recent favorite movie was “How to Train Your Dragon.” I loved it too, by the way :) Hope you guys like her! Oh, and if you have any request, just leave a comment! Thanks. xxx

Hi! How have you been, people? Hope you guys are enjoying your everyday lives :) In Japan, well, another cruel disaster, typhoon, attacked us… I don’t know, Mother Nature just hates us? Maybe we should rethink our life-styles… Well, anyway, no more sad topics! Now I’m gonna introdce you another Seifuku girl! She is Akane! Doesn’t she look pretty!? Her dad is CEO of a huge company, so she’s really graceful but is friendly too. I like her a lot ;)

Hey guys, what’s up? In Japan, Yoshihiko Noda was elected as the new Prime Minister yesterday, as many of you already know. Well, believe me, most of Japanese people are fed up with this farce too. Um… anyway, I’m ganna keep trying to let you know something positive about Japan! So, today’s girl in Seifuku is Aki! As you can see, she’s in the basketball club and she’s really cheerful. I can’t stop laughing when I talk to her. Do you have any friends like that?

Hey guys! "How you doin'?" You know this? It's a remarkable frase of Joey from "FRIENDS", one of the best American sitcoms. I do love it and love Joey too, although my favorite has always been Chandler ;) Okay guys, look what comes next! New girl in seifuku! Woo-hoo! She's Mana, freshman of high school. Isn't she adorable? Hope you guys like her! Chao. xxx

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