Use smaller tiles as a threshold to transition from tile to wood. I love this idea for when we upgrade down the road.

easy to install wooden wall tile is a new decorating trend. available @ -keyword rustix woodbrix 96 tile per case and 1 case= 16 sq ft.

Great way to hide office equipment and get it off of your desk surface. Easy home organization. Build this in your new Okanagan Office! Our Executive Realtors at Century 21 in Vernon will find the perfect property for you to design this amazing space.

Hanging pictures can be so tricky and sometime take much longer than it needs to. Here are some of my favorite tricks to hanging pictures to get them just right! Click through the slideshow below:...

love the marble tile with the gray wall and white moulding and dark vanity. Needs two sinks though. This bathroom style would be my top choice for a master. Very lux.

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