Please save the cows

So sweet. (KO) Daisy Mae loves her farm boy. Cows are such sweet creatures.

Aww darling

A Positively Beautiful Blog 2

Are we there yet? Normally, cats hate traveling in cars, but this little kitten seems to be excited for his road trip. Cute Kitten Pictures - Pic of the Day

Foxes Are Misunderstood Creatures

Foxes Are Misunderstood Creatures

Actually, the "friendly fox" of Novosibirsk, Russia is a domesticated fox like Pudding. But the foxes are unsocalized and kept in tiny cages.

Precious First Family Portrait!

This dog has no hair, no tail but smells good." "What kind of dog is this?" "I think I love this dog.

Pitbull & his boy

Here we have another one of those vicious pit bulls ready to attack this poor child. I'm sorry but I hate pit bull haters! Not bad dogs. Pit bulls are like guns perfectly safe unless in the hand of an person who uses it to do wrong!

Mama and Baby Golden Retriever. My Golden "Kula" was so precious, that I hope to get another.

So doing this to Ollie in the near future!!!

Schnauzer or donkey? I'm getting a Schnauzer someday just to own a dog with this haircut!