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I'm at a library that has a sticker across the monitor that says no facebook, games or chatting. *crickets* It didn't say no pinterest. HAHAHAHA!!!!

Beginner CrossFit Workout - To truly make this a CrossFit workout it has to be done with intensity for time - not just going through it at a leisurely pace. Also, I've NEVER done reverse crunches in CrossFit - so I'd change that to a different exercise

10 moves to sculpt that butt!

Weak glutes and tight hip flexors cause your pelvis to tilt forward, pushing your abdomen out and creating that no-good belly pooch. Single-Leg Hip Extension Lie faceup with your arms out to the sides, right knee bent, left leg straight and raised a few

101 Greatest Running Tips

101 Greatest Running Tips - It can be tough to stay motivated—especially when you're tired or the weather sucks. But we've got 101 reasons why you can't quit—from our friends at Runner's World