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John is very angry! I hope he doesn't catch me! It's so hard to run, with this death frisbee on my head. (Parody of Veggietales)

A few days ago, I found an old school book. They asked me to write a entire essay on the meaning of friendship. My answer? "Friends are not required." I think I may have been Sherlock's long lost child...

This is why John was so important to his mental well being. Because he was the first one to be amazed and tell him how impressive what he does really is. To see his intelligence without making him self conscious about it. And to furthermore build him up.

'Don't do that.' 'Do what?' 'The look.' 'Look?' 'You're doing the look again.' 'Well, I can't see it can I? It's my face..' 'Yes, and it's doing a thing. You're doing a...