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X-Plan: The new way to giving your kids a way out ( This is incredible and I think all parents should incorporate this. Peer pressure is horrible as a kid/teen. Parenting Teens, Parenting Advice, Parenting Classes, Parenting Styles, Foster Parenting, Parenting Quotes, Does Your Mother Know, Education Positive, Positive Discipline

X-Plan: Giving your kids a way out (#xplan)

(As seen on The Today Show, Good Housekeeping, HerViewFromHome, ScaryMommy, The Huffington Post, Mamamia, MomsEveryday, and numerous social and news media outlets. UPDATED – 3/3/2017) Friends…

When parenting a special needs child, when do you stop being positive and start telling the truth about what his or her life is like? Advice from one mother. Special Needs Kids, Tell The Truth, Life Is Like, To Tell, Knowing You, Writer, Parenting, Positivity, Education

Sharing the Truth About My Special Needs Child

Parenting a Special Needs Child An interesting thing happened to me this week. I am preparing for my special needs child, Marky’s, IEP (Individualized Education Program), which always causes me such anxiety. I decided to

& Weight Loss with a Provider You Trust - Mama June, Weight Loss Smoothies, Trust, Nutrition

Nutrition & Weight Loss with a Provider You Trust -

by Dr. Stephen Pound “How do you feel about your weight?” It sounds like such a simple question, but in my experience discussing this topic with my patients, I’ve learned that the responses are varied and far from simple. For some women, they’re seeing a number on the scale that’s higher than they ever thought […]

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8 Things To Start As A New Year Begins -

I think a New Year is always a good time to look around, see what we may want add or delete from our lives and tap into some small changes that may bring us some new found peace. Here are 8 ideas to get started. 1. Write a letter. Maybe a note to say hi […]

The "Get To KNOW Me" Form for Back To School - Get To Know Me, Getting To Know, Questions To Ask, This Or That Questions, Look At You, Special Needs, Reading Comprehension, Back To School, Thats Not My

The "Get To KNOW Me" Form for Back To School -

Another school year is getting ready, lsat year this was a veery helpful tool. A “Get To KNOW Me” form , to use with teachers, caregivers and anyone else that may benefit. I decided that I stress so much each start of the school year when it comes to our son not being able to […]

Do you feel overwhelmed and frustrated by your child’s tantrums? Learn exactly how to gently handle tantrums without losing your mind! Parenting Toddlers, Parenting Advice, Parenting Classes, Foster Parenting, Mom Advice, Natural Parenting, Parenting Styles, Parenting Websites, Parenting Memes

What Should You Do? Tips for Typical Parents & Kids When You See A Special Need Parent Struggling -

Every day a mom or dad leaves their home with their special needs child to venture out for the day. Maybe they are going to the supermarket, maybe the park or maybe off to another doctor appointment. One thing is for sure, this parent ( often me) is taking a deep breath and hoping that; […]

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8 Educational & Fun Websites For Your Children -

With August almost here, we found a few websites that offer educational ways to keep our kids learning and having fun. Many of these sites are geared for kids with special needs. I have used a few with our son, but learned of some other great options while looking into this, please feel free to […]

Macaroni Kid - Find Your Family Fun The New Normal, Special Needs, Pediatrics, Growing Up, Lifestyle, Create, News, Children, Macaroni


Today I want to focus on changes in the home that can create a culture of health. The proactive culture in the home that can arm your child with the needed skills for growing up healthy and having a normal weight in the 21st century. It is time to prove the predictors of gloom and […]

PANDAS. One Families Journey. A Little Known Medical Condition Causing So Much Suffering Special Needs, Healthy Kids, Disorders, Sick, Families, Conditioner, Journey, Medical, Pandas

PANDAS. One Families Journey -

Editor’s Note- Mia shares a really raw and honest look at the journey her family has been on since her daughter became sick and finally, years later diagnosed with PANDAS She offers resources and signs as well. I can barely remember what it felt like to have two happy, healthy kids. It happened overnight, like …

5 Things To Start Doing For Yourself TODAY ( No Costs Involved) 5 Things, Effort

5 Things To Start Doing For Yourself TODAY ( No Costs Involved) -

I know we all tell our loved ones what they should do for themselves, we also spend lots of time taking care of all of those around us. What do we do for ourselves? Some are better than this at others, I fall in the middle with sometimes making some effort for me, but never […]

Life Happens & March Is Colon Cancer Screening Month- Read On Life Happens, Shit Happens, Colon Cancer, Special Needs, Cancer Awareness, March, Feelings, Reading, Reading Books

Life Happens & March Is Colon Cancer Screening Month- Read On -

As many of you know, I turned 50 a few months ago. One of the things I “earned” with this new number, is the gift of having to schedule a colonoscopy. I had not yet made my appointment as of 2 weeks ago, I feel fine and I was not looking forward to the prep […]

Truth is, this one was hard to write. The Face Of A "Liar" To Vent, In My Feelings, Writing, Face, The Face, Being A Writer, Faces, Facial

The Face Of A "Liar" -

An interesting thing happened to me this week. I am preparing for Marky’s IEP, which always causes me such anxiety. I decided to call a friend to vent and share some of my feelings. She asked, “how is he doing in school?”. To which I replied, “great, he never complains, he goes with the flow […]

Bon Secours Allows Medical Advice From Home Medical Help, Medical Advice, Special Needs

Bon Secours 24/7 Allows Medical Advice From Home -

, Bon Secours started a new service for us so that if the need arises for medical help and you don’t want to leave your home, or maybe you are away visiting family,Bon Secours 24/7 can help. Bon Secours makes it easy to talk to a medical provider right now from your phone, tablet or […]