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Me. Pinned by Elsa Frost <<<What sort of spontaneous, awesome thing would you like to do with me today, milady?

Just girly things ; etc., || me ||

Justgirlythings❤️❤️❤️❤️all true but I hate chocolate


This is sad and too true. But is it just a Gemini thing? If you break my trust once I will NEVER see you the same.

l-o-v-e this [QUOTE, Life: 'Someone once asked me, why do you always insist on taking the hard road? I replied, why do you assume I see two roads?

This is a great idea for couples who consider themselves gamers who enjoy playing X-Box, PlayStation or Wii together. Pick a new game that you both have never played before and enjoy it in all of your naked splendor. Make sure that you have snacks and drinks that can last for hours. Have Fun!

5 Naked Date Ideas

cute picture of boyfriend and girlfriend playing playstation videogames together - ha that's like me an my puddin but with xbox controllers :)