Modern Millie Musical 1923

WW1 is over and life is good. Women don't have a care in the world. Dark vamp colors and short hair allows those lines that you call eyebrows to stand out. Doll lips the color of a rose and messy black eyes was what every girl had on in the clubs. Prohibition means sneaking in the whisky and the start of moonshine
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1920s Clothing at Vintage Textile: #2791 Lace flapper dress

Clothing at Vintage Textile: Lace flapper dress Would be beautiful over a slip dress of any color

1926; French; Evening Dress by Callot Soeurs - Drexel University

Evening Dress Designer: Callot Soeurs Medium: Teal silk velvet with glass beading and metallic thread Date: Circa 1926 Country: France

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I know much the wedding dress is important for every bride, so today I will show you stunning Debutante Wedding Dress Collection by Eliza Jane Howell.

1920's Hair Trying this on lizzzzzzzzzzzziee my best friend

Fingerwaves & Pincurls for a flapper costume for a Great Gatsby or roaring prohibition theme party this New Years Eve.

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