Physical Activities / Games

CATCH PE encourages and supports the NASPE guideline of 50% moderate-to-vigorous activity (MVPA) and 60 minutes of physical activity every day.
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"Middle School Parachute" Activities - P.E. Game / Activity #physical #exercise #CATCH

Middle School Parachute Activities a few ideas to build a parachute activity to Star Wars Music ;

"CATCH Triangle Tag" - P.E. Game / Activity #physical #exercise

Physical Education Instant Activities for Upper body strength

"Team Rock Paper Scissors Activity" - P.E. Game #physical #exercise #CATCH

Physical Education Instant Activities for Upper body strength

"Hat Trick Activity for Middle School Students" - P.E. Game #physical #exercise #CATCH

Floor Hockey) Hat Trick Activity for Middle School Students

"Random Grid Passing CATCH Activity" - P.E. Game #physical #exercise

Passing drills- can use for most sports- I will use cones as squares and have groups of 4 working on passing- good b/c they stay at their spots and don't move around too much so they don't get in other groups ways.

"Everybody's It CATCH Activity" - P.E. Game #physical #exercise

Valerie Phillips is the Athletic Director at CD Fulkes Middle School in Round Rock, Texas. Valerie takes you through one of the CATCH activities, "Everybody'.

"Time to Tackle Activity" - P.E. Game / Activity #physical #exercise #CATCH

This Go Activity from the CATCH activity box is called, Time to Tackle. It takes 2 soccer balls for every 3 students and some cones.

"Barker's Hoopla Activity" - P.E. Game / Activity #physical #exercise #CATCH

Barker's Hoopla Activity - Need 1 hula hoop, 1 cone, and multiple balls/bean bags per team (multiple teams) - running/capture-the-flag-like game.

"CATCH Pass The Hat" - P.E. Game / Activity #physical #exercise

This is a Go Fitness Activity for the CATCH Program for middle school students. It works on cardiovascular efficiency and is easy to organize for the instruc.

"Rapid Fire CATCH Activity" - P.E. Game / Activity #physical #exercise #CATCH

This activity is Card in the Middle School activity box. This activity requires balls, cones and bowling pins and promotes cardiovascular efficiency and .