So sad

Wow, that's a powerful picture.<not even all the fandoms combined can make me as sad as this picture does. God bless our troops and their families. And may he keep them safe.

Who doesn't love Jaynes hat?

I love how they're so supportive of him and his cunning hat. I also love how he loves his family and the cunning hat his Mother made him. <<< My friends grandmother actually knitted him a replica and all our friends now kinda worship the cunning hat

Just a normal day on the good ship Serenity


For my parking space. If your car touches concrete I swear on my pretty floral bonnet I will end you

Firefly Serenity Inspired Quote Poster 11 x 17 by UnikoIdeas. I still use "shiny" sometimes. I'm a Browncoat through and through.

"I'll be a Browncoat forever." ~Jewel Staite - I love her. My favorite actress from the show.

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