Carnival party idea!

Back-to-School Carnival

Bean Bag Toss - Label paint cans with the numbers or points awarded for each throw. For a fun variation on traditional beanbags, use beanbag animals. Way to use my old paint cans.

Pom-pom Party Hats There’s no birthday party without a party hat – these special pom-pom hats with ruffles are really one of a kind. Andrea of Everyday Beauty bought plain party hats and decorated them with polka dots, pom-poms and festoning.

Step Right Up: How to Throw a Circus Themed Party

Add some pom poms, polka dots & festooning to shop brought hats to make them more fun

fall festival can toss - a simpler set up than I'd like... but still cute!

Carnival party theme ideas Chang Chan Atkins Corvera maybe Samuel can have a creepy carnival birthday party!