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I really love this top

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C295 Sexy Beach Bikini Top: LL \ Bottom: L bikini models. Sexy Beach Bikini - The Sexy Beach Bikini is sooo sexy. Triangle top and itsy bitsy bottom with scrunch back ties everywhere for a perfect fit. Made from our simple white fabric and highlighted with our beachy sky blue. You will look like a sexy beach babe! - HANDMADE in the California factory.

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Israeli government banned skinny models by legislation. Few days ago Israeli parliament passed a law making it illegal to show overly skinny models in advertising. Moreover, the same law restricted the use of photoshopped photos in mass media providing that photos which have been altered or photoshopped must provide that information on the picture. The purpose of this law is to protect young girls from the damage, caused by eating disorders

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Before the Baggage

Before the baggage