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    Chicken coops, care, feed, etc.!!!

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    Chicken feeder

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    beautiful hen house and run. love the cedar shake siding! Good tips on ventilation in coop and how to avoid unplanned roosting spots.

    10 Things About Raising Chickens You Won’t Read in Books

    10 Things about Raising Chickens You Won't Read in Books

    10 Tips for Happy Chickens!

    Keep Your Chickens Clean and Happy

    Tone on Tone: Visiting Bunny Williams + Giveaway!

    Visiting Bunny Williams + Giveaway!

    Depending on where you live, any number of these predators may pose a problem for your flock. However, there are a number of ways to protect your chickens from the creatures.

    Is your flock safe?

    Chickens give us yummy eggs, and they are great helpers in the garden! Here are 7 essential steps on how to get started with backyard chickens! - A Piece Of Rainbow

    Backyard Chickens : 7 Essential Steps - A Piece Of Rainbow

    Fresh Eggs Daily®: 5 Common Mistakes First-Time Chicken Keepers Make

    Fresh Eggs Daily

    The Chicken Chick®: My PVC Chicken Feeder. DIY instructions!

    My PVC Chicken Feeder. DIY instructions!


    Boho Farm and Home: The Evolution of the Farm-Part 1

    stumps to perch on when the coop is wet and muddy! looks cool too!

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    Proudfoot Hobbit Hole chicken coop dog house or pet by HobbitHoles

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    When it comes to your chickens’ health, providing a safe, clean, predator-proof environment for your flock and making sure they have access to nutritious feed and fresh water go a long way.

    Sick Chickens? Spot the Symptoms [Infographic] - Hobby Farms

    Fancy pants, a 7 month old GLP, whatever that is. I know you like chicken, so I took a chance thinking you might like chickens...

    Chickadoodle's Bed & Breakfast

    Beautiful Dominique Chicken Hens

    Beautiful Dominique Chicken Hens

    The Dominique, also known as Dominicker or Pilgrim Fowl, is a breed of chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus) originating in the United States during the colonial period. It is considered America's oldest breed of chicken, probably descending from chickens brought to New England from southern England during colonial times.Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Dominique chicken

    Dominique chickens are a threatened American breed on the Ark of Taste`s heritage list. If you raise them you get great feathers, eggs, meat, and you help preserve a dieing breed.

    Kathleen Connally's Photoblog - Dominique chicken (

    Chicken Egg Color Chart | Chicken Egg Color Chart, Breed Specific

    Chicken Egg Color Chart, Breed Specific

    The Dominique breed is considered a dual purpose bird, but it excels in egg laying over meat production. They do great in both hot and cold climates and also make good pets.

    Dominique pictures, video, information and chicks.

    What's your ideal homestead chicken? Check out the Dominique!

    Restoring the Roost: Why We Raise American Dominiques

    ....good to know- flies are not attracted to the feces of animals who eat Diatomaceous earth- therefore feed it to your chickens (& other farm animals)& sprinkle around the feeders .....

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    sand vs. straw or shavings in the chicken coop

    Sand VS. Straw Or Shavings In The Coop | Sunny Simple Life

    Backyard Chickens DIY Sign - Redeem Your Ground |

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    DIY Awesome chicken coop plans, cool homesteading projects to make! |

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    How to Make a Chicken Waterer Here's an easy and super cheap way to make a chicken waterer. You can possibly make it for free, using all recycled materials. (I made mine for $1.00 because I found a cake pan at a dollar store.)

    How to make a chicken waterer