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8 Ways to Use Chickens in the Garden | The Prairie Homestead

A great guide to raising backyard chickens in a holistic manner from a chicken tractor to alternating coop runs.

Raising Backyard Chickens | Backyard Poultry Magazine

Why do sprouting seeds mean happy chickens? We spill the beans!

Why do sprouting seeds mean happy chickens?

Clean coop tips

An inspiringly clean chicken coop

GREAT Article: "What I Wish I had Known Before Getting Chickens" LOTS of great info such as: having a bigger coop than you think you need, have everything ready before the babies arrive, why to use sand for the coop floor, and much more...

What I Wish I had Known Before Getting Chickens | Community Chickens

How to Sex Chickens: Basic tools to learn to distinguish male chicks from female chicks, cockerels from pullets and roosters from hens.

How to Sex Chickens: Male or Female, Hen or Rooster?

chicken coop - love the clear roof

Texas Chicken Coop - Garden Coop Plans ::: Coop Thoughts Blog

How to Rid your Chicken Coop of Flies - ImaginAcres

How to Rid your Chicken Coop of Flies - ImaginAcres

Chickens get up early, poop a lot and waste a ton of food - all of which are problems for lazy chicken farmers, like ourselves. Over the two years we have owned our chickens, I have devised a few ...

Blog: Backyard Chicken Coop Designs « | Plough & Stars Project


How to Make Chicken Poop Into Fertilizer for Your Garden - Naturally Loriel

PERFECTION!!!!!! Salvage and perfect! | Darling chicken coop Bob Bowling Rustics! This guy is SO talented - you should see all of his collection!

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Organic Chicken Feed -16 cups of Organic Winter Wheat -12 cups of Organic rolled oats - 4 cups of whole Organic green len...

Organic DIY Chicken Feed Recipe

Don't throw out your egg shells! Here are 15 surprising uses for them.

15 Surprising Uses for Egg Shells | All Natural Home and Beauty

How to tell if your chicken is laying or not.

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So, you want to keep backyard chickens? Some lessons are painful and expensive to learn by experience, so in the hope of sparing some growing pains for those about to embark on chicken-keeping, I have asked my Facebook fans what they wish they had known before they began keeping chickens. The following are some of their replies and a few of my own.

Things I Wish I Had Known Before Getting Chickens

Want to keep your chickens laying through the winter? In this podcast, you'll learn 5 things to do today to keep your chickens laying, as well as mistakes to avoid. From FrugalChicken

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DIY recycled tire for chicken dust bath. Mix equals amounts of wood ash, builder’s sand soil, food grade diatomaceous earth.

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organic chicken feed recipe

Organic Chicken Feed Recipe

Adorable chicken coop...hope to have one at the next house

Marie Angelique: The Eggs Story {Or The "I'm Such A City Girl" Post}

Want to give organic chicken feed to your flock, but can't afford the high prices? Making your own is a snap. This article has a recipe that shows you how and exactly what to buy. From FrugalChicken

Organic Homemade Chicken Feed Recipe (That Won't Break The Bank)

Save money raising chickens: 6 products your flock doesn't really need

Save Money Raising Chickens: 6 Products You Don't Need

Fresh Eggs Daily®: 5 Common Mistakes First-Time Chicken Keepers Make

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why are there brown spots in my eggs? simply explanation-- I feel much better now!

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It's getting chilly outside. But that doesn't have to mean frozen combs and wattles, painful toes, and unhappy hens. Keeping chickens happy through the winter just takes a little bit of extra attention.

How to Keep Your Hens Laying All Winter Long

8 Tips for CLEAN EGGS from Backyard Chickens #BackyardChickens

8 Tips for CLEAN EGGS from Backyard Chickens