Sarah McNaughton
Sarah McNaughton
Sarah McNaughton

Sarah McNaughton

Jesus freak, barrel racer, duck hunter, cello player, chicken lover, 4her, North Dakotan, country girl, part of the NDSU Bison herd!

Relaxing in a sky hammock (11 Adventures That Will Make You Say Nope) - But really SAY YES! These are all amazing adventures to go on!

With only 300,000 people, Iceland has the atmosphere of a small town everywhere you go. I could rave all day about Iceland—it’s natural wonders are truly something to behold—from massive glaciers and bubbling lava to picturesque fjords and waterfalls. Iceland is one of the safer destinations I have traveled solo, and that is why I highly recommend it to solo female travelers, and especially travelers taking their first solo trip!

A backpacking series built for the journey. Influenced by REI members, experts who work in our stores, and a wilderness spirit born in 1938. A series made to work together. Shop Traverse now.

Considering that 3 out of 4 adults need vision correction, it's a wonder eye care isn't a more common concern among preppers. Here's what you should do.


Tarp Shelters

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MMI Raider Tent - The one man coveted side entry Raider tent is only 2 pounds set up with the included MMI polymer tent stakes and two DAK Featherweight aluminum poles. Thats for a double wall tent with 88″ of internal length. The low profile tent needs to be staked out, but setup is simple with one main hoop and a single pole section to hold up the foot end or use a stick only $200

Mountain Hardwear Hunker 4 Season Tent, as used by Navy Sealies :) 4lb,15oz, love the design....How many grams/ kg is that kids????

This Camping Tent Weighs Almost Nothing and Fits In Your water bottle... Sometimes you need to have a light tent that is also roomy. And this bad boy fits the bill! #Camping #Hiking #Outdoors

The different types of #backpacks and how to choose one for camping, hiking, or rock climbing.

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REI Crestrail 65 Pack - Women's - Free Shipping at -tried this girl on, comfy but couldn't stand up to the Gregory pack I tried on!

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Eyedropper bottles as travel toiletries bottles for lightweight backpacking