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Very popular jewelry and accessory choices for weddings, especially medieval and gothic weddings.

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Crystalweave chainmaille belt, Chainmail waist chain jewelry, Medieval wedding chain-mail bellychain

This unusual waist chain belt with its web-like front is a gorgeous chainmail accessory which goes with any number of outfit styles including Renaissance weddings, medieval costumes, and harem pants. Yet it also looks incredible with modern dresses, skirts and leggings. It can be worn draped low on the hips as well as straight across the waist. The enchanting front is dripping with fancy drops of combined fire polished beads. Instead of beads this belt is optionally available with pretty…

Diamond Celtic headband, Chainmail jewelry, Handmade metal headpiece with chains Celtic Necklace, Diamond Choker Necklace, Renaissance Jewelry, Costume, Beautiful Redhead, Chain Mail, Hair Pieces, Wedding Jewelry, Chokers

Chainmail & More Diamond Celtic headband, Chainmail jewelry with a knotwork look

A Celtic knotwork style chainmail diamond rests upon the brow in this lovely headband. The centerpiece of a light-reflecting, metal bead is set with your choice of semi-precious stones or Austrian crystals. Sleek nickel-plated chain lengths weave their way along the sides to frame the face and accent the eyes. A stretchy woven cord provides a comfortable and very adjustable fit. The main picture is with Tiger eye beads, shown with our Diamond Chains Choker Necklace. The close-up shows the…

Amira dancer head band, Handmade metal chainmaille jewelry or costume wear for belly dancers Belly Dance Jewelry, Headpiece Jewelry, Bridesmaid Outfit, Gothic Wedding, Chain Mail, Belly Dancers, Costume Accessories, Wedding Jewelry, Jewelry Design

Amira dancer head band, Handmade metal chainmaille jewelry or costume wear for belly dancers

This chain mail headpiece jewelry design is very popular for Renaissance faires, bridesmaid's outfits, and even casual wear which could use a touch of sparkle. Shining fire polished beads decorate the forehead in the center of the chainmail band. Rayon stretch cord allows it to rest in place comfortably no matter the head size and makes it perfectly secure for activities such as belly dancing. The strap may be worn over or under the hair or even rest around the neck to turn this design into…

Chainmail & More Colorful chain headdress, Medieval wedding headpiece Pagan Wedding, Medieval Wedding, Gothic Wedding, Headdress, Headpiece, Larp Fashion, Slave Bracelet, Fantasy Costumes, Chain Mail

Colorful chain fantasy headdress, Medieval wedding headpiece, Chainmail

Our unique Colorful Fantasy Headdress is an enchanting piece to wear at weddings, medieval events, Renaissance faires, with Halloween costumes, and everything in between. We will handcraft this headpiece to order for you in your choice of chain color and metal. It is available in mid-length as well as an elaborate waist-length style which flows down the back or may be pinned up, holding your hair in its weave. Nickel-plated or brass metal beads connect each junction of chain. The attractive…

Crystalweave slave bracelet hand flower, Chainmail faerie jewelry, Hand bracelet by Chainmail & Slave Bracelet, Hand Bracelet, Hand Flowers, Chain Mail, Wedding Jewelry, Amethyst, Jewelry Accessories, Jewelry Making, Nerd Art

Crystalweave slave bracelet hand flower, Chainmail faerie jewelry, Hand bracelet by Chainmail & More

This delightful hand flower slave bracelet features faceted beads in a color of your choice surrounding a flower of chainmail all above a pretty, chainmail wristlet. It's more intricate than typical wrist to finger slave bracelets and less bulky than our other handflowers or most bellydance hand covers. The fire polished, Czech beads in your choice of color are combined with smaller ones of crystal aurora borealis (clear with reflective ghosts of color). This handpiece fits from 6"-8½"…

Amira body-jewelry, Chainmaille body chain jewelry sexy lingerie fashion created by Chainmail & Belly Dance Jewelry, Body Chain Jewelry, Festival Body Jewellery, Plain Tops, Dance Outfits, Costume Accessories, Chain Mail, Bra Chain, Clothing Items

Amira Waist Belly Chain, Belly chain-mail jewelry. Original waist chain handmade by Chainmail & More

This waist chain jewelry looks as good when worn on clothing as it does on bare skin. The decorative chainmail front of this waist belly chain features a beautiful fringe of sparkling fire polished beads or shiny bells. The chain in back makes it fall just right on skin so it's a perfect accessory for summer and dance outfits, but it has just enough weight that it looks fabulous over clothing items making it more elaborate and versatile than our thinner belly chains. The standard size is…

Amira Handflower Slave Bracelet, Chainmaille belly dance hand jewelry, Renaissance faire chainmail b Hand Jewelry, Wire Jewelry, Body Jewelry, Jewelry Crafts, Beaded Jewelry, Jewelry Bracelets, Handmade Jewelry, Jewellery, Slave Bracelet

Amira handflower chain-mail jewelry, Slave bracelet, Renaissance fair bracelet by Chainmail & More

Our Amira Handflower Bracelet is made in a unique design of bright, fire polished beads which rests upon the back of the hand as a lovely, unusual jewelry piece. We are particularly proud of this all-original handflower design. Slave bracelets, or hand-flowers, were all basic triangles or a length of chain before Chainmail & More's designer/owner created these. The attractive chainmail base adds to this jewelry's overall appeal. The dual finger chains at the top fill out the design, making…

Amira chainmail necklace, Chain mail jewelry wench & belly dancer costumes, chainmaille w/glass beads, tribal metal leaves, princess Belly Dancer Costumes, Belly Dancers, Gothic Wedding, Chainmaille, Unique Necklaces, Blue Beads, Wedding Jewelry, Glass Beads, Sapphire

Amira chainmail necklace, Chain mail jewelry wench & belly dancer costumes, chainmaille w/glass beads, tribal metal leaves, princess

Now optionally available with metal leaves!! This exquisite jewelry design is a lovely necklace for regular, modern wear but works equally well for belly dancer, wench and princess outfits. The arrangement of chain and drops make it perfect for filling in open necklines and can be worn low to lead the eye toward one's cleavage. However, it also looks very classy on top of clothing such as a mock neck or even a t-shirt. We make it to fit neck sizes 12"-18" but can alter that if needed. The…

Crystal coronet headpiece, Chainmail jewelry, Medieval wedding style headdress by Chainmail & Amazing Costumes, Cool Costumes, Cosplay Costumes, Back Design Of Blouse, Blouse Designs, Medieval Wedding, Gothic Wedding, Belly Dance Jewelry, Headpiece Jewelry

Chainmaille coronet, Chainmail headpiece jewelry, Medieval wedding style w/crystals or semi-precious stones

Crystal coronet lovely headpiece adornment very popular for medieval weddings

Colorful Chain Cuff Earring, Multi-pierced or non-pierced bajoran earcuff chains by Chainmail & Cuff Earrings, Simple Earrings, Silver Ear Cuff, Ancient Jewelry, Beads And Wire, Black Crystals, Designer Earrings, Metal Jewelry, Ear Piercings

Colorful Fantasy Cuff Earring Chains, Multi-pierced or non-pierced bajoran earcuff

Our most enduring, yet entirely matchless, earring design. Colorful anodized aluminum chains drape from the sterling silver ear cuff. Hanging faceted glass teardrops in gothic black or luminous clear AB (clear with aurora borealis reflections) add to this earring's charm. It automatically comes with a simple earring, a dangle without a cuff, which is usually worn on the opposite ear. The main view is of a single-pierced style w/ear cuff, green chain, and clear AB teardrops along with a…

Chainmail & More chain mail choker necklaces, Gothic chokers, Renaissance medieval style necklaces Ear Jewelry, Jewelry Sets, Jewelry Accessories, Jewellery, Renaissance, Fashion Necklace, Fashion Jewelry, Steampunk, Gothic Chokers

CaptiveLink necklace, earrings, Unique chainmail steampunk neck & ear jewelry, Dual-tone bell dance chainmaille, medieval renaissance faire

Handcrafted dual-tone chainmail necklace and matching earrings.

Crystalweave necklace, earrings, Chainmaille Renaissance jewelry, metal medieval styles by Chainmail & Renaissance Wedding, Renaissance Jewelry, Gothic Wedding, Wench Costume, Dinner Party Outfits, Hand Flowers, Slave Bracelet, Medieval Fashion, Chain Mail

Crystalweave necklace, earrings, Chainmaille Renaissance jewelry, metal medieval styles by Chainmail & More

This chainmail necklace and earring jewelry pieces add a dreamy look to any clothing, whether Renaissance lady, tavern wench costume, modern dinner party outfit, or for club wear. This lacy web-like necklace design drips with firepolished beads. It flows from our original floral maille weave - the base of our Crystalweave designs. The matching earring flowers are also available separately. They are available in steel, shiny aluminum and gold-tone brass. The beads, in your choice of color…

Chainmail & More Crystalweave Faerie anklet, Chain-maille ankle jewelry, Pretty steel jewellry Ankle Jewelry, Ankle Bracelets, Ankle Chain, Fairy Jewelry, Bare Foot Sandals, Chainmaille, Czech Glass Beads, Anklets, Jewelry Crafts

Crystalweave Faerie anklet, Chainmaille ankle jewelry, Chainmail belly dance fairy ankle bracelet with bells or faceted glass beads, belled

This delicate looking anklet with a steel, faerie-like weave. Hand crafted into chain-maille flowers dripping with a fancy fire polished Czech glass bead drops. Its a great look when worn with sandals, shoes or bare-feet. This anklet create an incredible effect with movement, as they swing out and catch the light, making it ideal for belly dancers. Each larger bead, in your chosen color, is complemented by a smaller clear one with a reflective aurora borealis coating. In place of beads, we…

Amira Dancer Anklet, Unique chainmaille ankle jewelry w/bells, Belly dance chainmail ankle bracelet jewelry, Renaissance faires, bellydance Ankle Jewelry, Ankle Bracelets, Jewelry Bracelets, Costume Accessories, Jewelry Accessories, Belly Dance Jewelry, Bare Foot Sandals, Chainmaille, Handcrafted Jewelry

Amira Dancer Anklet, Unique chainmaille ankle jewelry w/bells, Belly dance chainmail ankle bracelet jewelry, Renaissance faires, bellydance

The Amira Dancer Anklet looks great worn with sandals, shoes or bare feet. Chainmail fringed with belly dancer bells or jingles and fire polished beads provide enchanting sound and color. This anklet is the result of our boredom with the standard straight lines which belonged to previous forms of ankle jewelry. We designed it to utilize the beautiful and more interesting design of alternating rings and chainmaille diamonds. Choose from lovely tinkling bells or double jingles. The standard…

Chainmail & More Amira headdress, Chainmail accessories, Renaissance Headpiece Medieval Wedding, Gothic Wedding, Renaissance Fashion, Renaissance Fair, Circlet, Chain Mail, Belly Dancers, Quinceanera Dresses, Headdress

Amira headdress Amira Chainmaille Headdress, Renaissance faire chainmail headpiece, Princess costume head jewelry, Wedding Chain maille, SCA, Halloween pennsic

Why wear a typical fashion hat when you could be wearing something more original? Our Amira Chainmail Headdress is very stylish headwear handcrafted in silver- or gold-tone with your choice of faceted glass beads. Its a lovely accessory for medieval weddings, Renaissance Fairs, SCA and steampunk events, not to mention perfect for that princess halloween costume. Our Amira Chainmail Headdress is lovely way to dress up many different style outfits and is a favorite for weddings with the…