We are particularly proud of this all original handflower design. Slave bracelets, or hand-flowers, were all basic triangles or lengths of chains before our designer invented these. Made with a unique pattern of bright, fire polished beads which rests upon the back of the hand in a lovely, unusual design with an attractive chainmail base. The finger chains fill out the design, making it more of a hand bracelet than a traditional slave bracelet, which is why we first coined the term…

Amira handflower chain-mail jewelry, Slave bracelet, Renaissance fair bracelet by Chainmail &

Chainmail & More Crystal coronet, Chainmail jewelry, Medieval wedding style

Crystal coronet headpiece, Chainmail jewelry, Medieval wedding style headdress by Chainmail &

Chainmail & More Diamond Celtic headband, Chainmail jewelry with a knotwork look

A Celtic knotwork style chain mail diamond rests upon the brow in this lovely headband by Chainmail &

Chainmail & More Crystalweave chainmail belt, Chainmail waist chain jewelry, Medieval wedding chainmaille

This unusual chainmail waist chain belt for renaissance and medieval costumes and weddings as well as modern day wear.

Chainmail & More Crystalweave Faerie anklet, Chain-maille ankle jewelry, Pretty steel jewellry

Crystalweave Faerie anklet, Chainmaille ankle jewelry, Chainmail belly dance fairy ankle bracelet with bells or faceted glass beads, belled

Chainmail & More Amira headdress, Chainmail accessories, Renaissance Headpiece

Handmade chain mail headpiece design popular for Renaissance faires, bridesmaid's outfits, and casual dress.

Chainmail & More Amira dancer anklet, Chainmail ankle jewelry, Bellydance styles

Amira Dancer Anklet, Unique chainmaille ankle jewelry w/bells, Belly dance chainmail ankle bracelet jewelry, Renaissance faires, bellydance

Chainmail & More Colorful chain headdress, Medieval wedding headpiece

Colorful chain headdress, Handcrafted chainmail headpiece for medieval weddings and events

Chainmail & More Crystalweave hand flower, Chainmail faerie jewelry, Hand bracelet

Chainmail & More Crystalweave hand flower slave bracelet, Chainmail faerie jewelry, Hand bracelet

Chainmail & More Amira Waist Chain, Belly waist chain-mail jewelry chains

Chainmail waist chain for the belly w/a fringe of sparkling fire polished beads is a lovely accessory for Renaissance faires and belly dancing.

Chainmail & More CaptiveLink necklace, earrings, Dual-tone chainmail jewelry, Handmade neck and ear jewellryre Amira chainmail necklace, Chainmail jewelry for princess, wench and belly dancer costumes

Chainmail & More chain mail choker necklaces, Gothic chokers, Renaissance medieval style necklaces

Chainmail & More Crystalweave necklace, earrings, Chainmail Renaissance jewelry, metal medieval styles

Unusual renaissance wedding chainmaille necklace and earrings, Flowery & ethereal elvish jewelry, Medieval elvish chain mail

Amira chain mail headband, chainmail jewelry, Handmade metal costume wear.

Amira dancer head band, Handmade metal chainmaille jewelry or costume wear for belly dancers

Chainmail & More Amira chainmail necklace, Chainmail jewelry for princess, wench and belly dancer costumes

Amira chainmail necklace, Chain mail jewelry wench & belly dancer costumes, chainmaille w/glass beads, tribal metal leaves, princess

Chainmail & More Colorful cuff earring, Multi-pierced cuff earring, Chainmail jewelry

Colorful Chain Cuff Earring, Multi-pierced or non-pierced bajoran earcuff chains by Chainmail &