House fish tanks. Seriously cool! (FYI for those of you worried abt the fish - they're Betta fish [or Siamese Fighting Fish] and they prefer small spaces with non-filtered water. They're ok!)

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This is so true when flying i always tell myself that it's the height that I can't handle but all I can think about is what if we fall ?and the worse part for me of flying is when your going down 😢

I tried this and will do again! Soooooo easy and my hair felt soft and smooth! Coconut oil, distiller water, and lavender oil.

Kind of like when it's that time of the month, lol. Or when I'm just in that introverted mood, but mostly I'm outgoing. I find it hard to be out-right rude to people, even when I'm not in a talkative mood, I will still be friendly. It's a Leo thing...

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