Cheyanne Duffany

Cheyanne Duffany / 19, elementary school supervisor, straight edge , video games and comic books, Chicago sports freak, and horror movie lover.
Cheyanne Duffany
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pretty redish purplish hair color. I've got to try this sometime!

Red violet hair color is a rich, exotic shade that is a blend of red and purple. It wouldn’t be a choice for anyone looking for a natural shade, but it can be very fashionable and dramatic. It’s beautiful on people with dark complexions and dark eyes.

Chicago Blackhawks Crochet Boot Cuffs by HookedOnCrochetKaryn on Etsy

Hello, my name is Karyn :) This listing is for a crocheted Chicago Blackhawks boot cuffs. They measure @ 12 inches wide and inches

18 Cute Matching Mother and Daughter Tattoo Ideas

A mother's love is forever, and so is a daughter's! Why not get matching tattoos to express this eternal bond? Buzzle presents a few cute and matching mother-daughter tattoo design ideas for you to choose from.

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sign language for i love you, cute small tattoo perfect! Omg so perfect! When we couldn't hear each other on Skype when justin was in Afghanistan we would sign . And it became our norm. So "us"!