The big bang theory

My husband FREAKS out every time Howard's mother yells. He had, about, 15 theories on who it could be: penny, howard. This was amazing

First-World Cat Problems

How my cat thinks! He literally has 20 different cat toys and he chooses to play with the milk ring and weed waker chord that someone left out.really great cat toy that weed waker chord.

The picture that went viral, Edison on Loki's shoulders, and the story along with it.

So a little kid went to the filming of "The Avengers" in Central Park and Loki and Thor in full costume walked past. They saw the little boy with his Captain America shield and took pictures with him.

I loved this episode.

if harry potters wand can make decisions why cant thors hammer?

own it!

The Memes Factory When people stare at me I assume it’s because it’s because they are taking notes on how to be awesome

hahaha! I rest my case!!

Butter + meat + dessert + wine = healthy 51 year old lady. Who says math isn't fun :)

true story

The only difference between tattooed people and non tattooed people is.tattooed people don't care if you're not tattooed.

big bang theory


Nothing can go wrong! Not on Rex Manning Day!- Love this movie

Time to get ready tomorrow is April Rex Manning Day. I will be watching Empire Records. Not on Rex Manning Day!

I wish I were a unicorn.

I wish I were a unicorn.

The IT crowd ❤

THE IT CROWD (funniest show ever) Subject: Fire Dear Sir/Madam, Fire! Looking forward to hearing from you. All the best, Maurice Moss.

The Coffees

The Coffees by jewelwing

Funny pictures about The many types of coffee. Oh, and cool pics about The many types of coffee. Also, The many types of coffee.

Hmmm, Wolowitz appears to be wearing the infamous red shirt...I wonder how long he will last before becoming weapon fodder...

Nerdy pictures about Big Bang Theory Star Trek. Oh, and geeky pics about Big Bang Theory Star Trek. Also, Big Bang Theory Star Trek photos.