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A Time-Out Box can help your children learn consequences and help your day go smoother!

Help your child learn to share and clean up their toys without a lot of arguing.

How do we talk to our children?  What do we sound like? How do we sound to them? Interesting thoughts on how we talk to our children vs. how we talk to others.

How do we talk to our children compared to others? Do we give our children the same consideration as other children?

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Getting "Knee to Knee" could save your Marriage!

It sounds simple but it could be the difference that saves your marriage!

Romans 3:23-24

Romans 3:23-24

Pumpkin muffins. I've done these. Simple. Easy. Tasty.

Pumpkin muffin I think adding a few chocolate chips to this might just make this the simplest and yummiest thing I will ever taste!