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emoji whatsapp sfondi tumblr - Cerca con Google

Kida and Izaya | Durarara!! DO NOT REMOVE: original art found here:

(Open Rp be the master?) I meow at owner till he pets me I love it when he pets my head, it makes me feel so happy! It's been two weeks since he adopted me and he doesn't pet me as often now.

Shizaya - "This is so cute and sweet." Ricardo ♥

The one who cannot bear to be held, and the one who who cannot bear the weight of eternal solitude. Love, once set aglow, burns and endures all things until it is snuffed away either by time or circumstance. Don't let this love flicker and die.

shizaya gifs | Lily Lilith Luna- リリーリリスルナ's Journal | Quotev

Shizuo and Izaya - Durarara! My s**t, dont touch me s**t

I bet he would do this if he ever saw Izaya truly crying

Durarara Shizuo Heiwajima and Izaya Orihara - Anime Fan Art .