Ciana Pullen

Ciana Pullen
Professional artist; I specialize in portraiture, figure drawing, and photo-collage. Dynamic team leader in grousing for sport; fan of people; libertine.
Ciana Pullen
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Quick and Crispy Vegetable Fritters recipe

Quick and Crispy Vegetable Fritters Healthy Recipe I’m always on the hunt for fast and flavorful ways to add a veggie component to any meal, from tucking creamy avocado into homemade egg rolls to transforming cauliflower into tater-less tots.

Autunno in tavola: Hummus di zucca. Finalmente è di nuovo la stagione della zucca! Deliziosa e colorata contiene nutrienti, minerali e vitamine

Lebanese pumpkin hummus - Lazy Cat Kitchen Lebanese pumpkin hummus - Lazy Cat Kitchen Lebanese pumpkin hummus is a delicious addition to a.

Parquets originaux Patchwork de morceaux de chêne en bois debout, Raphael…

A pattern piece with a sort of fixed-wood texture. The lines and hatching could be texture or simply shading but either way it looks appealing to touch.

Lune Lune: I Have This Thing Avec Floors .....

You don't have to be wearing statement shoes to take a good floor picture, sometimes the best ones happen naturally if you just look down! Chic neutral lace ups complement this gorgeous tile floor perfectly.