Shoe guide

Four Shoes Every Man Must Own - A Good Man - Personal Styling and Fashion Advice for Men in Melbourne and Sydney

A Visual Guide for Black vs. Brown Dress Shoes

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✓Black Shoes or Brown Shoes? A Visual Guide to the Ideal Color Pairing: Chart indicates an opinion on which shoes go better with each color of pants shown.

Shoe Guide

The Discerning Gentleman’s Guide to Shoes. With the rise of the trendy dot-com insta-business, thousands of office seats were filled with casually attired tie-hating twenty-somethings and sharp shoes fast became the order of the day.

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How Can I Create a Work-Friendly Wardrobe on a Budget? - Building a Starter Wardrobe This could be use for a week of travel also.

The right suit!

12 Addictive Websites You Won’t Be Able To Leave

Real Men Real Style Guide To Fit This gives ppl a better idea of how a suit should fit on a body.

Guide to suits.

Collars and Cuffs.a Man must learn when ordering T-Shirts. AK’s Guide to Suits An introduction to the finer details of menswear, and how to get them right.

An Ultimate Guide To Dress Shoes #infographic #DressShoes #Fashion

An Ultimate Guide To Dress Shoes #infographic