Erving dunks on Bird

Julius Erving vs Larry Bird - Dr J - The Doctor: Erving was named to the NBA's Anniversary All-Time team and in 1993 was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Pete Rose, Joe Morgan, and Johnny Bench

Pete Rose, Joe Morgan and Johnny Bench, Cincinnati Reds "Big Red Machine" My childhood heroes.

Bo Jackson...Friggin awesome!!

Booty Call: Role Models that you can look up to. The article illustrates how every African American can look up to a successful African American celebrity or athletes as role model. Bo jackson was a two sport role model for tons of kids like me.

Willie Mays and MLB's 50 Greatest Living Ballplayers - Bob Gibson

Willie Mays and MLB's 50 Greatest Living Ballplayers

Bob Gibson of the St. Louis Cardinals led his team to three World Series and two championships, and was the MVP of the 64 and 67 Series. And in 1968 he won the Cy Young award when he posted a season earned run average of still the lowest in baseball since

Miami Heat

Because I cant stand Miami Heat, Lebron James, ugly photoshop, or all You be the judge


Major League Baseball by Kevin Espeche - this was my father's favorite team.I learned about baseball watching their games on TV

Frank Robinson

The 50 Greatest Baseball Players of All Time

Hank Aaron 755th Home Run Ball (1976)

Hank Aaron Home Run Ball A Pinner wrote: i got to stay home from school that day to watch the game.