Sassy Snow White Jokes & Memes (LOL!)

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I know this is an actor at Disney World, but how can you NOT post something this adorable?>> I want to go just to meet Peter Pan. He always seems to be the cutest thing ever!

Peter Pan isn't having it

When Anna met Peter. It's ironic because she normally plays Wendy before Wendy got cut from entertainment. She's still a huge part of Disney and shouldn't be forgotten

Ariel cosplay - love how the skirt edge looks like a frothy ocean wave

Ariel at WW Madison

Snowwhite by on @DeviantArt This is just too beautiful. My gosh. Love it.

The Evil Queen's Poisoned Apples

Character: Snow White / From: Walt Disney Animation Studios 'Snow White' / Cosplayer: Model Jumeria Nox / Photo: Hanny Honeymoon Photography

Frozen's Princess Anna Embroidery References by MomoKurumi on deviantART

momokurumi: “ Links to full size images: Frozen’s Princess Anna Embroidery References (Color) Frozen’s Princess Anna Tracing Guide: Bodice Frozen’s Princess Anna Tracing Guide: Skirt Frozen’s Princess.

Art Nouveau Snow White

My Favorite Cosplay from D23 Expo 2015

Elsa Coronation tutorial by on @deviantART:

Detailed and very clever, Elsa Coronation cape pattern and Wig Tutorial from demonic-black-cat on DeviantArt.