I don't always leave people my memories But when I do, it completely counteracts seven books of being the bad guy - Sensitive Snape - quickmeme

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I will attend this school and I will stay at this school until I am on my death bed. Even then I will stay at this school. So thank you to the person that also wants a Hogwarts!


Oh my gosh! I love when people compare Harry to Bambi. Best thing ever sad thing is, I totally see it!

His wife is like Nagini,always by his side. I'll get rid of her

Prankster Joe Biden: Image Gallery

OMG Biden take it easy, pretty sure that one of the horcruxes are trumps nose xD

The Royal Weasley Family

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Fat Amy as the Fat Lady

Fat Amy as the Fat Lady. Tbh you could replace any character with Fat Amy and it'd be a thousand times better.

Every Harry Potter fan needs to watch A Very Potter Musical and its sequel. Also Very Potter Senior  year. So hilarious!

Every Harry Potter fan needs to watch A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel, and A Very Potter Senior Year. So hilarious!

Dumbledore, the master troll.

Troll Dumbledore

#BeautyAndTheBeast #HarryPotter

Beauty and the Beast × Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets crossover Credit: fb School of Witchcraft and Wizardry