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Clem Hood
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Twin Peaks / Agent Cooper Collage

Special Agent Dale Cooper - my incredible skills of deduction have led me to believe that Cooper does, in fact, love coffee.

Catherine Tate. David Tennant.

Catherine Tate as Donna Noble and David Tennant as The Doctor. I love Donna Noble; my most favorite Companion!

All of Ben's roles - updated to include Hamlet and Sherlock Special Batch but still forgetting Dr Strange.

Dr. Who and Clara

Two iconic British staples collided on Saturday morning: Peter Capaldi (a. Doctor Who), his co-star Jenna Coleman (Clara), and a couple of Daleks recreated The Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover at the famous street crossing.


Doctor Who River Song and twelve twelfth Peter Capaldi face swap

Ha ha! Love doctor Who!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol, this would have been better if Matt had actually won the Bafta award

It's so true though

And even worse: once my brother was talking about Doctor Who with a kid at school and another kid walked up." My brother asked which one and he said "The one with the aliens.